Can I Recycle My Old Car for Cash?

It doesn’t matter what part of the city you’re in. You’ll see homes wherever you go with beat up, unused vehicles rusting away in the driveways and yards. From Bartlett to Germantown, and Arlington to Lakeland, people throughout the Memphis area are at a loss about what to do with their old cars, trucks and SUVs. Many don’t realize how convenient it is to contact a company like ours that specializes in junk car removal in Memphis, TN.

I’m just going to sell it

Without the right equipment or tools, junk car removal in Memphis, TN can be quite the hassle. Many car owners try to sell their beaters as-is or slightly spruced up, but this presents several issues. A car or truck left to wear down after years of exposure to the elements, with no ongoing maintenance or care, requires a lot of work just to remove from your property.

Unless you’re a mechanic or a professional comes to inspect the vehicle, you don’t know if there’s leaks, broken parts and other hazards that require care when handled. If you choose to make any repairs or updates, you’re most likely not going to see a return on that investment when you try to sell it on Craigslist or elsewhere.

Even if you don’t repair the vehicle and decide to sell it as-is, the buyer probably couldn’t drive off with it. They might ask you to fully or partially cover the cost of towing the car off your property. Old vehicles that don’t function at all are a tough sell.

It can stay where it is

Maybe you have space on your property for a car, truck or SUV to rot away year after year. Obviously, you’re free to make that choice, but you should know there are consequences to this decision. As the vehicle deteriorates, it creates an eyesore for you and your neighbors. The car attracts unwanted visitors, from insects and rodents to vandals and arsonists.

Most importantly, an unmaintained car, truck or SUV rusting away creates hazards. There’s sharp edges and broken glass that could hurt you or someone in your family. There are leaking fluids that seep into the groundwater. The easiest option is to work with a local business that offers cash for junk cars in Memphis, TN, like Lester’s Cash for Junk Cars.

Recycle your junk car

People with neglected junk vehicles sitting in their driveways or yards want to reap some reward for this car, truck or SUV that they’ve held on to for so long. They spent their hard-earned money to buy it, so just recycling it seems anti-climactic and unfulfilling. As a local business specializing in junk car removal in Memphis, TN, we make it profitable for you to recycle your unwanted vehicle.

All you have to do is call Lester’s Cash for Junk Cars, and we’ll recycle your old car for you. We’ll give you cash for junk cars in Memphis, TN in exchange for your vehicle, regardless of its condition. Contact us now to learn more about recycling your non-operational, unwanted vehicle.

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