Key Elements to Remember When Junking Your Car

If your vehicle is past its useful lifespan, taking it to a junk car buyer can be a great way to rustle up some cash for the holidays. However, there are a few things you need to remember when looking for junk car removal.

Here’s a quick and easy guide to junking your car:

  • Clean out your car: Before getting rid of your car, go through the entire interior—including the trunk—to make sure there are no personal items or valuables lurking around. You’d be surprised at what gets left behind in cars. Once you’re satisfied that there’s nothing worth keeping, you can move on.
  • Remove the valuable parts: If your junk car buyer is only using your car for scrap, you might want to remove valuable parts to sell individually. Wheels, batteries, alternators, stereos and starter motors typically have some resale value.
  • Get the paperwork ready: Make sure you have your title and other paperwork ready. Some states may not require the title, depending on how old the car is.
  • Remove the license plates: Don’t forget to take the license plates off your car before you turn it over to a junk car buyer. Sometimes the DMV will require you to return them, and sometimes you can keep them for your own purposes.
  • Cancel your insurance: Similarly, don’t forget to cancel your insurance for the junked car. There’s no need to pay premiums on a vehicle that’s no longer in your possession.
  • Research junk car buyers: Next, you should start researching junk car buyers to find the one that’s right for you. You might want to ask friends and family for recommendations, or search online. Different junk car buyers will have different requirements, and may make you significantly different offers. Make sure to call several buyers before you make a final decision—you want to get the best deal for your vehicle. Even if the vehicle is not useful to you, it could be useful to someone else. Find out what each buyer is willing to offer. Ask questions about whether they’re willing to come pick up your car, or if you have to have it towed to their yard. You should also ask about whether they’ll offer more if you leave the valuable parts in the vehicle. It may be worth your while to let the junk car buyer handle selling the parts.
  • Junk your car: Finally, when you’ve picked a buyer, go ahead and junk your car. A good junk car buyer will arrange for removal and have cash in hand when they come to pick it up. If you don’t get immediate payment, don’t let them take your car.

These junk car removal tips should help you find the right buyer—and process—for your needs. If you’re looking for a great junk car buyer in the Memphis area, call Lester’s Cash for Junk Cars today. We’ll be happy to help you get rid of your old junker, and give you some cash in the process.

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