When to Sell Your Old Car

Many people opt to drive their old clunkers around, waiting for that eventual death rattle. They continue to waste their money, trying to hold their junk cars together with ongoing repairs and a prayer. As a junk car buyer in Memphis, TN, we highly recommend getting in touch with us instead of driving around in a vehicle that is a danger to you, your passengers, other drivers and pedestrians. We can give you cash for your junk car!

Five signs you should sell your car for cash

Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting rid of your old vehicle and investing in a new one. But you don’t want to hassle with buying a new car, truck or SUV when your current one is still sort of getting the job done. So how do you know when it’s time to get cash for your junk car in Memphis, TN? Be on the lookout for these warning signs:

  • No longer safe: Ultimately, you’ll know it’s time to trade in your junk car for cash when the vehicle becomes hazardous to operate. If your automobile fails to accelerate, brake or turn when called upon to do so and no new parts or service seems to fix the problem, it’s time to speak with a junk car buyer in Memphis, TN.
  • Noisy acceleration: As you apply pressure to the gas pedal, you shouldn’t hear any kind of clunking sound. If you do, there are probably expensive problems with your shock mounts or absorbers. Without these components operating correctly, your car, truck or SUV won’t safely navigate over bumps, potholes and other road hazards.
  • Widespread rust: With time, your vehicle will rust. A few small rust spots may not be much to worry about, but if your car, truck or SUV looks like it’s more rust than anything else, it’s time to research your best options for cash for junk cars in Memphis, TN.
  • Vibration in the steering column or wheel: You most commonly feel a vibration in the steering column or wheel when braking or accelerating to certain speeds. In either scenario, this indicates costly issues with your brake rotors, brake drums, tires or ball joints that may lead to deadly traffic collisions. Depending on your vehicle’s overall condition, age and the cause of the steering wheel vibration, you should look into trading your car for cash.
  • Lights constantly burn out: Headlights, tail lights and brake lights will go out with time. Needing to occasionally replace the lights on your car, truck or SUV is just an aspect of regular maintenance. But what about when the lights frequently burn out despite your diligently changing them? This demonstrates a short circuit in your vehicle. You can spend the time and money to fix this problem, but with older cars, trucks or SUVs, you’re better off trading your aging vehicle for cash.

So, you’ve decided to part ways with your junk car, truck or SUV, but you’d prefer to work with an honest junk car buyer in Memphis, TN. Get in touch with Lester’s Cash for Junk Cars now. We’ll drive to wherever you are in the greater Memphis area, make you an honest cash offer and take your busted old car off your hands. Contact us today!

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