Reasons to Junk a Car: The Complete List

When is it time to say goodbye to your old car in exchange for cold hard cash? Getting cash for your junk car in Memphis, TN is often the best way to get rid of an old lemon. There are plenty of reasons people decide to junk their car rather than spend the money and time on repairs. Here are the top reasons you might decide to sell yours to a junk car removal company:

  • The car can’t be driven legally: If your car can’t pass safety and smog inspections, you’re missing the license tags or there are hundreds of thousands of miles on the engine, it might be time to ditch your vehicle.
  • It costs too much to repair: Eventually, even the most well-maintained vehicles will end up needing expensive repairs to keep running. At a certain point, those repairs are no longer cost-effective—who wants to pay more in repairs than the entire car is worth?
  • Too much car accident damage: Maybe your car technically runs, but it’s been so damaged in a car accident that you don’t feel comfortable driving it anymore. Or perhaps that last fender bender was the final straw for your car. Sell it to a junk car company to put the cash toward a new car.
  • Mechanical failure: Like excessive repair costs, sometimes it’s not worth it to address mechanical failures. When your engine and transmission give out, it can cost thousands to repair or replace them. In many cases it’s just smarter to get a new car.
  • There’s no room on your property: You might be sentimentally attached to your first car, which was manufactured in the last century, but do you have room to keep it on your property? If not, let it go.
  • Insects, rodents and spiders now call it home: When critters and pests move into your vehicle, they can do an astronomical amount of damage to the car’s interior and mechanical parts. At a certain point, it’s best to just junk it and move on.
  • You need fast cash: Sometimes your car still runs well enough, but you need quick cash to cover other expenses. In those situations, selling your junk car can get you over the hurdle.
  • The title is missing: Can’t find your car’s title? That makes it hard to sell. If you have problems with the title, consider selling your car to a junk car removal company.
  • It’s time to get a bigger vehicle: Some folks simply need a bigger vehicle to meet the demands of their current lifestyle. If that applies to you—and your old car isn’t worth much on the market—consider junking it and pocketing some extra cash.
  • You’re moving and don’t want to take it along: Moving somewhere without a garage or a big enough driveway? Your junk car can and should be left behind.

If you’re interested in working with a reputable junk car removal company in Memphis, TN, call Lester’s Cash for Junk Cars today and we’ll hook you up with the cash you need.

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