What to Do Before Junking Your Car

Are you ready to junk your car? Are you sure? There are a few key things you should do prior to getting rid of your car. Before you part with your clunker, be sure to take the following steps. Once these are done, then you will be ready for junk car removal.

Remove personal items

Go through every space in the vehicle and make sure you have removed all personal items. You don’t want to junk your favorite pair of sunglasses with the vehicle. You may also be surprised what you find in your glove compartment that you want to keep. Who knows? You may even come across some cash you forgot you stashed in there.

Remove valuable components

Once you have all of your personal items out of the vehicle, remove any other valuable components. This is one of the most important junk car considerations. You don’t want to throw away something that could be sold separately for a bigger profit. There might also be a component that you want to transfer to your new car, such as a nice stereo.

Other valuable components might include tires, the battery and GPS equipment. Don’t forget to empty the gas tank, too. You can siphon it to a gas container to use in another vehicle. Lastly, remove your license plates. These might be transferable, or you may need to return them to the DMV.

Complete your paperwork

Junk car removal requires a bit of paperwork to complete. You need to transfer the title of ownership. This may require the signature of a notary. If you don’t have the title, contact your local DMV to learn what paperwork might be required.

You also need to notify your insurance company that you are using junk car removal and will no longer have the vehicle in your possession. They will cancel your policy or transfer your coverage to a new vehicle.

Choose a junk car removal service

Once you have all your ducks in a row, it’s time to contact a junk car removal service. Look for the service that offers the best deal for your vehicle and the most convenient drop-off and pickup options. You should also confirm that the company is licensed and insured for junk car removal.

Say goodbye to your junk car

Once you’ve selected a reliable junk car removal service, it’s time to close the deal. Make the necessary arrangements with the junk car removal service and say goodbye to your vehicle. Now use the cash you receive to get yourself into a newer car!

We’re here to help

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