Should I Fix It or Should I Sell It?

If you have a beater car sitting in your garage or yard, you might consider whether it’s worth selling the car or sending it to the junkyard. When you are torn between the two questions of “Should I sell my beater car?” or “Should I fix my beater car?” it can be tough to know the right answer. While you’re the only one who can decide the best solution for your old car, we have some ideas about what makes a car worth salvaging and what makes a car worth selling.

Although old cars can have a lot of sentimental value, sometimes looking on paper at what the car is worth without repairs can help you make this decision. If you spend twice as much money fixing the car as you would get in a return on its value, it’s probably better to sell the car in its current state. You can pocket the profits from the sale and put them toward another newer car.

If, however, putting that same amount of money into repairs allows the car to run as good as new, it would be worth it. If the repair increases the car’s value, it’s a worthwhile investment and, therefore, worth fixing the car. If a car’s new owner can drive it off a lot, they may be more enticed to buy the car than if they have to tow it.

As explains, old cars can sometimes turn into a “money pit” because of the hassle. If your car is your main source of transportation, it’s important to consider whether your safety and reliability are compromised as a result of your beater constantly breaking down. An old car that you work on as a hobby is very different from a car that gets you or your family from Point A to Point B. When your safety and reliability are at risk, it’s time to sell the car as-is, pocket the cash, and put that towards a better vehicle. While your new car might not be the fanciest or most affordable one on the block, paying in cash upfront will spare you from a dreaded car payment.

If you sell used cars for a living, you may want to consider paying to fix a car as an investment. If fixing it makes your customer happier in the long run, protects your reputation, and allows you to profit from the car, then you may want to fix it. If you are simply trying to get a used car out of your yard, off your hands, and into someone else’s garage, then simply considering whether fixing it will improve your chances of selling it or put you behind financially is enough to determine the best course of action. While it can be tough to put money into a used car, with these tips, we hope you’ll come to the right decision for you.

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