Things To Do With Your Vehicle That Doesn’t Run

You might have a car that is no longer operable and need to do something with it. There are different options if you have been wondering how to get rid of a non running vehicle. Let’s explore the various options you have for an inoperable car.

1. Sell Your Car

Can I sell my car that doesn’t run? Yes, you can make a few bucks even if your car doesn’t drive. You should always be honest with any buyer and let them know about any other issues. Some buyers scrap the vehicle for parts or invest in fixing it up. Always shop around to determine who can give you the best deal for your car.

2. Donate Your Car

It takes a lot of time and effort to sell a working car, not to mention one that doesn’t run. If your car is not worth much money, it may not be worth the hassle. Donate your car to a charity, and claim the market value as a tax deduction. However, some charities will not accept cars that don’t run. 

3. Salvage the Parts

There are many components to a car, and many of the parts are still profitable. For example, tires have a great resale value, and you’ll make a good chunk of change by selling them. Other parts that can be sold include the alternator, car seats, mats, and many others. 

4. Go to a Junkyard 

Your car may be beyond the point of no return, and junking it is the only option. Many junkyards may salvage working parts or crush the car to harvest the metal. Junkyards may offer you some money to junk the car, or you may have to pay to have your car junked. Several junk yards are out there, so look around to get the best deal. Also, junkyards might charge a fee to transport your vehicle. 

5. Turn the Car Into Artwork

Ok, this option is a little unorthodox, but some people turn their junk cars into artwork. There are many clever ideas to turn your junk car into a beautiful project. You can use the frame of the car as a planter. You’ll want to ensure all of the gas and fluids are taken out of the car before starting your project. 

You have some options available if your car is no longer useful. Determine which option is best for you, and get lots of opinions before choosing. 

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