Selling Your Junk Car VS. Parting It Out

Are you thinking of selling your clunker car or simply selling it for parts? No matter the method, we would all say that we want to get the most out of it financially.

There are three things to consider when deciding to sell your old jalopy as a whole or sell it for parts.

  • How much is your car worth?
  • How much will the car’s parts sell for?
  • How much would you charge for your time and labor to take parts off your car to sell?

So how do you get the most cash for your clunker car?

Step 1 – Contact an auto salvage company to give you a quote to purchase your junk car.

When you consider getting rid of your old vehicle, junkyards are the best options to consider. Some salvage companies will give you cash to buy your junk car. Lester’s Cash for Junk Cars in Memphis, TN, is one of them. So contact us today! We pride ourselves on being honest, fast, and fair when providing quotes for your junk car.

When it comes to old car removal, towing is often considered in the quote you are given. However, salvage companies like us offer you the simplest way to make extra cash while offloading your junk car. You can get paid quickly despite your car’s age or physical condition.

Step 2 – Consider the value of parting out your car being worth your time.

Suppose you are handy with a wrench and comfortable removing parts from under the car’s hood. In that case, it may be your best option to remove your car’s most salvageable parts. Then, depending on the condition of the parts, you may be able to sell each piece individually, getting the most out of your old ride.

After taking inventory of each part and determining the going rate (by visiting local junkyards or salvage websites), make a list of the current price ranges for each part. Then choose how you want to list your parts for sale on eBay, Craigslist, etc.

Just remember, third-party companies charge for listing products on their site. Also, consider, if you use a third-party company as a payment system like PayPal, they may keep a flat rate fee off the top per transaction. In addition, consider your cost to drive parts to the buyer yourself. All of that affects your overall profits.

Look at the benefits of each decision. For example, do you want to schedule a junk car pickup vs. salvage parts and plan an old car removal? Also, think about this: do you have time to remove the parts yourself and the expertise to do so without causing damage? Then you’ll want to decide which strategy makes sense for you.

There are a few more things to consider in addition to what was mentioned above when deciding to sell your old car vs. parting it out. They are small minor details but could impact your decision when determining the route you should take.

  • Do you have a camera or a device like a cell phone to take and upload pictures?
  • If you sell parts off of your car, do you have the appropriate storage space to house it until each piece is sold?
  • How comfortable are you with negotiating with potential buyers who may try to haggle you and get you to lower your cost?

Selling to a salvage yard.

Look no further than Lester’s Cash for Junk Cars when selling your junk car. We have been doing honest and fair business in Memphis, TN, since 1999. So, no use in letting these cars take up space in your yard or garage. Instead, using our junk car pickup service, we will offer you fair market prices for your old clunker.

Give us a call today day and get a quote. Get cash in your pocket, space in your yard, and that eyesore removed.

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