How Much Can I Get for My Junk Car?

If you are considering a new vehicle or recently purchased a new one, then you are probably wondering what to do with your old car. That, of course, leads to questions like how much do junk cars sell for and is it worth it.

In most cases, if you are wondering can I sell my junk car for cash, the answer is yes. That, however, is where the how much and why become less certain. Many variables will determine how much you can get out of your junk vehicle. Here are a few of the top considerations:

Location of Vehicle

The location of your vehicle in relation to the location of the salvage yard will play a role in how much the salvage company will pay. The current rate of scrap costs will also influence how much you can get out of your vehicle, in addition to the popularity of your make and model within the salvage area. 

Vehicle Condition

In some situations, salvage companies will buy used cars and then, after a little work, put the car up for sale. If your vehicle is in good running condition, it adds considerable value. The better the condition of your vehicle, the more you can get out of it. In the same way, though, if your vehicle isn’t running or is in poor condition, it may not be worth much more than the value of scrap parts and scrap metal.

Year, Make, and Model

Even if a vehicle is totaled, it can retain considerable value in its parts if it is a newer vehicle. The demand for particular makes, models, and years will also have an influence on how much you can get for your junk automobile.

Getting rid of your junk car also frees up room in your garage or from the front of your home. Even the most junked cars are worth a few dollars and can put money in your pocket while eliminating that space-taking eyesore. 

Lester’s Cash for Junk Cars!

Welcome to Lester’s Cash For Junk Cars! For more than two decades, we have served the great area of Memphis and our surrounding communities. We specialize in buying junk cars that are taking up space in your garage or yard. We will give you a great price on that old or run-down car that has been sitting at your house for years — or that just died last week. 

We pride ourselves on being fast, honest, and courteous. We are not here to rip you off but rather give you fair market value for your car in its current condition, and we offer towing services. Contact us if you have any questions or if you have a junk car to sell today. 

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