The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Selling a Junk Vehicle

So, it has finally come to the point of parting ways with your old four-wheeled friend. The question now, however, is how to sell a junk car or broken-down vehicle.

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Yes, we know it can be bittersweet, but don’t let your sentimental side get the better of you. Here is a look at what to do with your old junk car when it is time to say goodbye. 

How To Sell a Broken Down Vehicle or Junk Car

What to do with that old junk car will depend on what kind of condition it is in. If it is running or salvageable as a restoration project, there are a few good avenues to consider.

Private Market

Selling the car to a private party will typically yield the highest value. The upside to this option is that, in addition to a stronger sale value, finding collectors for your vehicle could increase the value of your old car too. The downside is that it could take weeks or months to find a buyer, along with the additional paperwork and effort involved.

Trade-In Options

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, using your old junk car as a trade-in could be your best option. This option is the quickest way to sell your car, and it can expedite the process and lower the payments of your new purchase when used as a trade-in.


If you need to find the best options for how to sell a broken-down vehicle, then there are also a few potential options. Junkyards will often purchase a non-running vehicle to use as a parts vehicle or for scrap value. The demand or popularity of the make and model will often determine the value of your vehicle.

Collectors and Hobbyists

While selling to car collectors or automobile hobbyists will depend strictly on the popularity or desirability of your old car, those non-running vehicles that are collector’s items can offer a good value. Your non-running junk car can also be used by someone invested in a restoration project, so there are options for selling your broken-down junk car.

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